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Flexo Press Operator Training & Consulting

Training Operators, Fingerprinting a Press
Is your flexo pressroom less
efficient than it should be?

 - Too much downtime?
 - Too long to match color?
 - Average press speeds too low?
 - Quality varies roll-to-roll, job-to-job?

Are your customers complaining?

Frank BurgosNo matter how competent an organization, I've never visited a pressroom that could not benefit immediately from some simple techniques or practices.  Be it set up waste, color matching, set up time, press speeds, staging, or a variety of other tasks, most pressrooms have gaps in knowledge and technique.

I've trained a lot of operators in my career, on wide and narrow web flexo presses.  After 30+ years in flexo pressrooms, in a variety of capacities, I've decided to formalize that experience and offer it to the industry in the form of custom training programs, on site, in your plant, on your equipment.

There is more to operating a flexo press than learning where the buttons are.  There's perspective, attitude and demeanor, a mindset, in addition to basic skills.  There's planning ahead, troubleshooting, and quality control.  There are bad habits, and good ones.

Bring the training to your pressroom.  Let me work with your new trainees, or expose your experienced operators to new and more productive techniques.  I can bring your flexo pressroom closer to your vision of what it can & should be.

Call Frank Burgos today to discuss your training needs:
1-866-416-1484 x101


Flexo Technical Forum - moderated by Frank Burgos

UglyFlexo.com: Video Tutorials by Frank Burgos
(more than 100 videos covering various topics related to flexo printing)

Some Flexo Articles by Frank Burgos

Email:  frankb@flexoexchange.com
Phone: 866-416-1484 x101
Phone, Local: 336-812-3784


Serving Flexo Printers Worldwide:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • India
  • Trinidad-Tobago
  • Uruguay
  • Honduras
  • Nigeria
  • Mauritius
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Barbados

~ Hablo Espanol ~



  • Wide or Narrow Web
  • One Week Boot Camps
  • Long-Term Programs
  • Press Skills Taught:
    Low-waste set-up
    Rapid breakdown
    4-color process work
    Maintaining quality


  • Reduce Downtime
  • Reduce Waste
  • Increase Press Speed
  • Work Off Surplus Ink
  • Immediate Results and Benefits

Watch Frank Burgos in action on UglyFlexo.com as he teaches basic (and some not so basic) flexo printing & pressroom techniques:

UglyFlexo.com Video

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