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Esco Graphic Suite

Postby Nickolay » Mon Feb 08, 2010 7:47 am

I am working about 11 years in prepress area. Now, there is a problem with firm that produce plates for us. He use for producing a plates Esco Graphic Suite 7 software, may be (I am dont shure about version). I was send a illustrator file in *.ai format to him to make a plates with invisible layers inside. Now problem is, that this layers, that I set to not printing and invisible in the file stay on into the plates. :) They told me, that the reason for thus is mine, becouse the layers are not removed from the file. I don't removed from the file, becouse the text stay in text not on curves inside and this layer is invisible. According to this i sent and a *.pdf file, where the colors are separeted. We work about 10 years together in that way and they tell me that this is becouse my file, now - because the mention layers.

I don't have in office Esco Graphic Suite. If you could tell me whether this program have a option to switch on this invisible layers, or haven't? Where is the problem? Wheter the file is correct or not?
For my opinion this file is 100% fully correct, and problem is not in *.ai file.

10x in advance.
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Re: Esco Graphic Suite

Postby Luc St-Pierre » Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:37 pm

In Esko Scope workflow, there is a task called “PS Clean and Fix” to get rid of hidden objects and layers, duplications etc. If your work is treated in a very automated manner, this task should be applied, Otherwise, you would have to ask them to open your files in native software (.ai) and do the clean-up. You may be charged for all this.
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