Are Flexo Platemakers doomed?

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Are Flexo Platemakers doomed?

Postby PrinterD » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:43 pm

As I have been a Flexographic Platemaker for 5 years now. I sometimes worry that my job won't be there one day, due to the rise of CTP technology.
Will platemakers be needed in the near future?
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Re: Are Flexo Platemakers doomed?

Postby Flexo Grunt » Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:18 am

There will always be shops due to ignorance, complacency, or financial reasons that will continue to make plates the way you are making them today. All though, depending on where you are technology wise,I think your options will become narrower.

One thing for sure, technology is consistently changing. The secret is to seek it out, embrace it and be willing to change. As a stripper years ago, I sat in a room full of high quality 4/C strippers that never thought they could be replaced by computers. Some of them latter ended up as door greeters at Walmart. Those of us who embraced the computers and were open to change, turned out to be much more knowledgeable, faster,turned out better quality, and were much better operators then the computer geeks with no printing background that management thought they originally had to hire. I have been very thankful I was trained "old school". I continually use that knowledge....... just with updated tools.

What I'm saying is, build on the knowledge you have, seek out and learn where the industry is heading, and be willing to change. You will never have to worry about being "Doomed"
Flexo Grunt
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Re: Are Flexo Platemakers doomed?

Postby justflexo » Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:10 am

Adapting to the trends of the industry is key to survival, no matter which industry we are in, I used to be with offset industry and the industry experts are looking at the adoption of CtP should take at least 15 years or so, but the changes took faster than it's anticipated.

Glad to hear someone can still find a jod as door greeter at Walmart, not too bad afterall. But, the techonology is constantly changing our way of making a living or the way we used to live. Cash machines replaced tellers years ago, iPad has definately accelerated the convertion of conventional newspapers and magazines to paperless, look at Heidelberg... It's ok for us to worry about the doom of any indutry but we just need to keep ourselves pace with the technology and we should be allright.

Flexo CtP may make some of us to loose the value of existing roles, but hey, Flexo platemaking remains the workflow which man power is mandatory in comparison with Offset CtP, not to mention YOUR important role to play as Quality Gatekeeper before bad plates being shot by laser and the costly wastages flow into the pressroom with something your boss can not sell, there's always a better tomorrow if you are insync with the trend, my 2 cents
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