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Postby Jon_S » Tue May 14, 2019 5:41 pm

If you needed to have an X-Rite and wanted to get one as affordably as possible to 1. check densities and 2. check incoming spot colors to standards, how would you go about buying one? In the used realm is the 530 which is discontinued a reasonable model to consider?

Give me the reader's digest on what to buy, functionality, obsolescence etc ...

Thanks very much!! I've always been a user of data but not a generator of it and especially as it relates to software, upgrades, durability, interfaces etc... what is the best bang for the buck and what do you steer clear of?

Thanks ...
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Re: X-Rite

Postby Frank Burgos » Thu May 16, 2019 11:00 am

A used 530 would do the trick. You just won't be able to have it serviced, calibrated or re-certified. In the long run, if the device survives, your colors may shift. What your device says the Lab values for a color are may not be accurate. If you can live with it, it'll work. I have one that I still mess around with.

Now, if you can dig down deep, you will be rewarded in the long term by getting a spectrometer and compatible color quality software. The better know instrument manufacturers tend to have software available, too, but there are also independent software packages that are compatible with multiple devices.

I some cases, you may be able to pair a device with lower functionality with software and get higher functionality. Instead of needing to get the most advanced model, you might be able to save significantly and offset the cost of the software.

The ballpark is 10K, to start, plus annual license renewal and calibration, of applicable.

This is my advice to any printer. An instrument plus software, intelligently incorporated into your workflow, will usually more than make up for the total cost in a short time and you will benefit forever. I would not compromise on this. In fact, I was thinking about writing an article on this very thing. I confidently advise my clients to just do it.

If a business can't afford one immediately, I advise to keep it in mind and invest in it as soon as possible.
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Re: X-Rite

Postby Billyboy2 » Wed May 22, 2019 6:08 am

We recently got and x-rite 530 for checking densities and checking our standards and it really couldn't come at a better time. The ink company that supplies us had a good working 530 and I just kindly asked if we could have one since they were not using it anymore. My company is not ready to spend that much money on the latest models that are available at a hefty price...We have been having issues with a new paper that we just purchased and it changed our densities drastically. The x-rite comes in quite handy and it's enabled us to make the changes necessary to accommodate this new paper.

If you are like us and just need it to keep track of your standards and check your densities/dot gains then I think the 530 is still a good equipment even if it has been discontinued.

My 2 cents

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Re: X-Rite

Postby wdustin1 » Wed May 22, 2019 8:01 am

I will agree with everybody about the 530, its a great piece of hardware, we have been using ours for well over 10 years, and its been going strong. We haven't been able to send it in for calibration since the discontinued it. but if i had a need for one right now and only had limited funds i would not hesitate to purchase another one used. We purchased a Xrite eXact once we found out about the 530 going away and there is no difference between the two except the Exact has the capabilities to be upgraded to do a-lot more things, at a hefty price of course. We are going to upgrade ours in the coming months to be our spectrometer in the ink room to do color matches with and get rid of our bench top unit.
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