Impression cylinder issue

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Impression cylinder issue

Postby Chuackl » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:19 pm

Hi I wonder is there anyone encounter impression cylinder balancing issue at ECS340? I rotate by hand the impression drum and it always return back to specific position. Is a water base impression cylinder. Just wonder how the structure inside and how does this can occur. Not familiar with the print unit alignment so dissemble for checking is not possible. Also how is the internal structure of the impression drum? Is it having several partition that can accumulate cooling water?
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Re: Impression cylinder issue

Postby Frank Burgos » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:24 am

Hi Chuackl,

I have not encountered this, but I have some thoughts.

Press cylinders, including plate cylinders, impression cylinders and anilox rollers, are balanced, or supposed to be. They are balanced under static and dynamic conditions. That is, while sitting still and while rotating.

With no other information to go by, the roller should not rotate as you describe.

However, we do not know the intent of the engineers, yet. It is possible that when the roll is just sitting there, it's out of balance, but when it runs, the water inside is distributed and the cylinder comes into balance.

Usually, there are channels or tubes inside the cylinder that force the water to follow specific paths, entering and exiting the cylinder. The water does not just flow into an empty can. It is intentionally directed through channels or tubes.

While we wait to hear from others, I recommend speaking with the machine manufacturer. I would think that they have an answer for this.

Does it happen only with one station, or all?

Does the station vibrate at operating speed?

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