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prepress operator for hire...

Postby dznuts » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:56 pm

Hey everyone!
Its good to see an active forum strictly for flexo...and hopefully this post is somewhat of an acceptable nature here. But i figured worst thing that can happen is 0 replies!

If anyone is looking for a prepress operator in the los angeles area, or can direct me to some resources I can submit my qualifications any help would be great.

Ive had about 4 years experience with prepress specifically for narrow web flexo. I worked for a company in fullerton-costa mesa called Trisoft Graphics Co, they are a full-service bureau with plate-making. During this time I started as an operator setting up/pre-flighting, step/repeat, output artwork up to 7 colors, 4cp with spots. I also performed dot correction, trapping manually and using trapping software Nexus workflow with Nexus Trap, which then went to a CTP Creo Brisque . Eventually I evolved into a CSR / traffic manager position, the liaison between the clients and our art dept. I managed the workflow of daily jobs, scheduling for the artists and everything else that needed to be done. I wore many hats and learned an enormous amounts, though it has been around 2 years since ive done anything related to flexo, its engraved in my brain. Which means it wouldn't take long to get reacquainted or acclimated to a different dept workflow. I'm seeking part-time, freelance, or possibly full-time work immediately. 2nd shift would be ideal, but I'm open.

Any leads or positions that you think could fit my criteria, Ive also attached my resume. And am open to any suggestions or comments...I know its predominately a male driven industry which i prefer but i sure do miss you grumpy old pressman! ;)

Some industry references that Ive worked with:

Johnny Hong from trisoft graphics - 714-751-8851
Rich Costa Legend Labels - 760-510-1633
Phil Taylor Rotometrics - 1 800 325 3851

Thanks for your time. Kind Regards
Diana Hsieh

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Re: prepress operator for hire...

Postby inohuiam » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:06 am

Hello Diana,
Just wondering if you are still looking for work in the flexo industry?
Joel Rosenberg
American Printing Converters
Uniondale, NY
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