Combo lamination and surface printing

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Combo lamination and surface printing

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More and more of our customers are asking for gloss or matte varnishes to be applied on the film which is not a problem when it's surface print only, but it's a headache with inside/lam print.

Do you guys have any tips or tricks on what may help to adjust the second run (surface print varnish) to the previously printed inside image?
We do have a reprint option on our machine, but we've tried only couple of times so far this combination and every time we had massive amount of waste because it was a pain in the *** to align the varnish to the image.

Are there maybe some tricks to do at the prepress part?
I have another job ready and to save us the trouble I've shortened the matte part for about 1mm compared to the image, hopefully that way it won't be so visible if the register moves...

Thanks a bunch..
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