DuPont vs Macdermid vs Kodak

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DuPont vs Macdermid vs Kodak

Post by Poonz »

I went back and read some old threads but looking for an updated opinion. Currently I’m using DuPont but had a customer send me some Macdermid plates for a contract job. What does everyone prefer when it comes to quality of print?

The DuPont for me has been doing the job just fine but, still curious.
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Re: DuPont vs Macdermid vs Kodak

Post by richflexo »

I've got most of my experience with Dupont plates, 15+ years in trade shop with digital and analogue. I've made Kodak at a previous shop but never personally made MacDermid. I'll give you my own experience with Dupont and second had experiences with the others from close friends who have both systems in their shops.

Dupont- My experience:

The good: Great equipment & good service from Dupont. Lots of plate options for different types of printing. Durable and printers get long runs out of them. Always coming out with new products.
The bad: Tack is tricky, can depend on the type of printing but if curing is off it is very obvious. Expensive but worth it IMHO.


From printers, mounters and owners (their words not mine)
The good: Cheapest of the 3. The plates work.
The bad: Plate lift is common due to lack of drape. Even on low durometer plates, plate lift occurs.


From printers, mounters and owners (their words not mine)
The good: Very good print quality, great ink transfer. Can do very high LPI on spot colours.
The bad: Most expensive of the 3. Lamination process has to be perfect. Must have clean room to make plates.
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Re: DuPont vs Macdermid vs Kodak

Post by lavoie »

Right out of the gate I want to say I have never ran 1 foot off of a Macdermid plate.

DuPont Cyrel is probably the best plate quality and longevity for the price. Though there are different hardness and dot configurations to consider. Certain vendors have patents on certain things like say, Phototype's NuDot just as an example. RRD is doing some interesting thinks as well.

Kodak is great for very high LS printing and the price reflects it. Aside from cost, the biggest issue I ran into was lack of wiggle room in regards to registration. The plates have to be made perfect or really close.

Another I wanted to include is Flint plate material. Now their cut-rate material "Ace" is not worth the time mentioning other than to say avoid. FTF material on the other hand is quite comparable to Cyrel. Sharp image and fair plate longevity. The main issue I found with FTF plates is the plate backing material being thin and prone to rip when demounting. Fineline Graphics was our vendor.
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