Mounter Purchase

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Mounter Purchase

Post by Poonz »

So we just purchased a COMEXI FP2210 GL 10 COLOUR CI GEARLESS FLEXO PRESS and I'm looking to purchase a mounter from the same company that sold use the press. I'm not 100% all the questions I should be asking to make sure the mounter has everything that I need. I'm currently using an old Harley mounter and just doing the measuring by hand.

This is the mounter that they have recommended to me:

JM Heaford gearless
1600mm wide
8 videocamera
year 2006

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

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Re: Mounter Purchase

Post by longtimefan »

I use systec vp star

it does a great job
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Re: Mounter Purchase

Post by gricey »

Hello Poonz
I recently purchased a Heaford mounter.this was bought in conjunction to mount for our Flexotecnica EVO xd8press.
You won't have an issue with the mounter, Heaford are exceptional mounters and have all the modern gadgets required for flexo printing.
I highly recommend them.
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