digicap and non digicap on the same plate

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digicap and non digicap on the same plate

Post by Ali »

I was wondering has anyone been able to image a Kodak NX plate with digicap and non-digicap elements on the same plate.
Is it possible to do and if so how?
Dr John
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Re: digicap and non digicap on the same plate

Post by Dr John »

Dear Ali

Yes it is possible to image No DigiCap NX and DigiCap NX surface textures on the same sheet of TIL in a single imaging pass.
(Not mixed on one TIFF, but set independently to the individual TIFF files imaged on a single TIL sheet.)

To do this you need a feature called DUAL Imaging activated. It requires a field engineer to come and setup the option, and ensure the imager is optimized accordingly. Once setup you will be able to image on a single sheet.
(Please note! There is a need to overwrite in DUAL mode, because of the increased debris removal requirements, so it does slow down the imager, but in return allows it all to be done automatically in one pass, with tighter nesting of the TIFF files.

Please feel free to contact me directly at john.anderson@miraclon.com and I can arrange for your regional service manager to contact you for the next step.

With regards

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