Continuous roll plate making

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Continuous roll plate making

Post by Ali »

I am looking for some information on how should I prepare plates for a continuous roll job. I have heard the plate should not be a regular rectangle, but not sure how and at what angle the plate should be cut. Any help is very much appreciated.
guy de cafmeyer
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Re: Continuous roll plate making

Post by guy de cafmeyer »

The easiest is to take an old cylinder / sleeve , and have it rubber covered and engraved ... to the correct diameter of an existing gear size .. ?
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Re: Continuous roll plate making

Post by lavoie »

I know Phototype, RR Donnelly and Fineline make a continuous print plates but you will have to send in a sleeve for them to put it on. On many flexo presses, you can use different size cylinders/sleeves at the same time so you can choose a sleeve that is not often used. You may want to ask the pressmen which will run better though. Things like bounce or the particular quarks of your presses may be an issue.

If you are making them in house, and using a Kongsberg or similar machine to cut your plates, you will want something like a 45° cut on each plate so they fit together overlapped and show no gap.
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Re: Continuous roll plate making

Post by SBlanchard »

You can contact Cybergraphics. They make continuous sleeves. All you need to have is an air mandrel to put the sleeve on. They will need to know what press and what kind of mandrel you are using. If you need to purchase an air mandrel then you can contact Rotometrics. They will be able to work with Cybergraphics to get you the set up you need. Hope this helps.
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