Low volume anilox for white ink

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Low volume anilox for white ink

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Hi all

I've got a query here with regards to using a fine line screen anilox and low volume for white ink:

The application here is that the film is laminated to a white substrate but in order to make it look a bit more opaque, a very weak white will be needed. Printed on a continuous rubber roller.
To manage the ink consumption, the lower volume applied the better. From a opacity stand-point, almost any amount will be acceptable.
The film will be surface printed, so this will benefit the second station down as white would dry a lot faster on a lower volume anilox.

So the idea here is to use a process anilox (400l per cm / 1000lpi) or a combination line&screen anilox (300l per cm / 750 lpi) to achieve a weak white. Does any one have experience in having used such aniloxes for white ink?

From my side, I can anticipate some issues:
Transfer/drying issues: With such a thin film layer on a typically fast drying ink: i.e. drying from anilox to plate, and plate to substrate.
Blocking of the cells: white ink particles already block the standard high volume aniloxes used for white, perhaps the speed of which it will block these finer aniloxes would be faster.
Note: white ink is not extended with fillers such as clay. So this would help.

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