Press repair services near the great lakes

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Press repair services near the great lakes

Post by Kube1989 »

I have 3 Kiwi case printers (24"w x 45"l plate cylinder) that I would like serviced and tightened up...(bouncing registration)
I am having a heck of a time finding any independent service techs. Kiwi has corporate service but you have to send your press to them-
I can't take mine out of production that long. I would have thought there would be at least a handful of old timers that take on occasional work.

Anybody have a contact?
I'm in Toledo...

Thanks in advance for any info
Frank Burgos
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Re: Press repair services near the great lakes

Post by Frank Burgos »

That's a tough one. Guys like that don't fall out of trees. It's difficult to be independent as a tech, so most of them work for manufacturers.

I've run into one independent guy in my whole career, and he had a head injury and was positively out of his mind. I wouldn't recommend him.

There may be some retired guys that see this and wouldn't mind a gig.

Fingers crossed.

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