Wide web ink drip pan liners

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Wide web ink drip pan liners

Post by rsckkcee8 »

I am looking for a manufacturer of ink drip pan liners for our wide wine W&H Miraflex press. If you know of a company or another food safe way to make clean up easier please let me know. Thanks!!
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Re: Wide web ink drip pan liners

Post by longtimefan »

We use a film that is tacky on one side.. I believe tesa makes it.

It's maybe. 004 thick maybe 5...it's clear. Works pretty well..tag on core reads.

25m x 559mm


We had liners, but was made in the UK? have no clue of the vendor
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Re: Wide web ink drip pan liners

Post by Fuzz »


I don't know if they do wide web. But if they don't they may want to.
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Re: Wide web ink drip pan liners

Post by Gilchm »

Dipco does manufacture catch tray liners for wide web; presses, coaters and laminators. They just rolled out a liner for the 52" Miraflex / Miraflex II but have them for other widths too. The website, mention above by Fuzz, says they'll even design a liner for you, if they don't already have one available.
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