Applying a varnish coat to corrugated board

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Applying a varnish coat to corrugated board

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Hi guys! I''m very new (~2 months) to the printing industry, fresh from graduation and currently in the flexography section of a corrugated box plant. A client requested for a full varnish coating for one of their boxes.

The original plan was to replace the printing ink with varnish on one of the rollers and just printing a full solid slab of printing plate. However our plates could not cover the whole box area as it was pretty big.

So the plan was revised and we used two rollers for applying the varnish with separate printing plates for each half- area. However, with this new plan, a visible line can be found on the area where one printing plate ends and the other begins. Any idea guys on how to fix this issue? Can we adjust the flexo settings for this job, or should we let this job go?

I'm currently in training so I apologize if my posts/replies seem a little layman-ized. Another factor is that English is not my main language.

Thank you guys! I'm learning so much from this forum and I'd really like to contribute in the future once I've honed my skills.

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