Banding tape

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Francis Vezina
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Banding tape

Post by Francis Vezina »

I've been wondering if I could run a low-tack adhesive bonding paper (the material only sticks when the adhesive touches adhesive to form a loop) on an Aquaflex DBX. My worry is that even if the adhesive does not stick to the cylinders, the web guide might end up creasing the material.

I would have run a test on my own to validate if it's possible but I cannot find any banding paper coils, all I can find are finished products.

That brings me to my second question: where can I buy 10" X 5000 feet coils in North America? Found some in Switzerland, but the cost is outrageous.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Banding tape

Post by CamillaGriffin »

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