Ink Flaking off around Dieline

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Ink Flaking off around Dieline

Post by FlowDirt »

We are having 2 similar problem with ink flaking off around the die line, printing on Metalized and White BOPP

1. Anytime we print on Metalized or White BOPP (UV inks on Omet xFlex), with a UV Texture varnish (Sand paper feel) bleeding over die line, the ink flakes off around die line. The flaking gets worse on Metalized when the UV white and Texture varnish both bleed over the die line.

2. We run Metalized BOPP on our Xeikon 3030, then spot Texture varnish, and die cut on the Omet. The same problem happens when the Xeikon White (toner) bleeds over die line. We are even seeing flaking with this exact process, minus the Texture varnish. Die cutting Xeikon printed labels on metalized with anything but a laminate is flaking.

There is a couple pictures attached.

Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Ink Flaking off around Dieline

Post by longtimefan »

Get with varnish supplier . They should have better products

Send samples if needed
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Re: Ink Flaking off around Dieline

Post by Frank Burgos »

That looks like a 'wet trapping' issue more common to water- and solvent-based inks, where ink prints over a previous color that is not completely dry. So, aside from adhesion issues or varnish quality, you might want to make sure you are curing well.
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Re: Ink Flaking off around Dieline

Post by Printerman513 »

Try ordering a die with a better angle of the blade (I'm blanking on the angle but something around 20/30 degrees) xeikon ink will flake regardless to an extent from what I've seen. If you're running on a press afterwards to do the varnishing and die cutting then run with the lamps/heaters on to warm up the ink to prevent further cracking. Switching the die blade angle should help tremendously though, recently went through this.
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