Eyemark trouble after running on press.

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Eyemark trouble after running on press.

Post by Amrtz »

Hello guys new to this forum.
Long story short I run a flexotecnica x8 press. We ran a job that requires an eye mark with a worn out nip roll on the drum/C.I.
When the paper got sent to be converted, the die cutter would move up and down basically losing the eyemark regsitration.

From eye mark to eyemark our measurement should be 11 inches 3/4’s but after measuring the printed paper it would measure 11 3/4’s but would randomly go up 1/16 or go down 1/16 from spec.

Is there anything we can do to solve the eye mark getting lost when converted.
It is being converted on a Weber bag machine.
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Re: Eyemark trouble after running on press.

Post by longtimefan »

Can you shim the nip where it bolts in the holder? Add an extra washer to the threaded bolt somehow?
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Re: Eyemark trouble after running on press.

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Please take a sample and measure the repeat between images for one more repeat that the number around.

For example, if the job is four around, measure five image repeats.

All should be equal. If not equal, there should only be one that is too short or too long.

If that's the case, your distortion + tape + bare sleeve diameter + plate combination is not a good match.

If it's not like that, then you've got other challenges. Please post the values you get and we'll see what it looks like. Also, if you think an image will help us see the problem, please post.
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